Facing your biggest fears.. and conquering them!

Following on from my previous blog about me facing my fears; I decided to share with you a recent email from a lovely client who wanted to share her courageous decision to face her biggest fear…. and conquer it! I hope when you read through her words, you can hear how limiting her life had become and how life doesn’t have to be that way for anyone. “Having your first baby changes you in so many ways….. Your outlook on everything is completely different, you realise what is important in life and you have an overpowering amount of love and desire to the best by your new precious bundle. At 36, motherhood brought to light a phobia I had been living with since childhood……..claustrophobia. Over the years, claustrophobia had limited me in so many ways, the main one being my inability to get in a lift. I would ALWAYS take the stairs and spent one holiday on a cruise ship climbing 13 flights of stairs daily to get from our cabin to the top deck, just to avoid the lift. I would get a cold sweat going anywhere new until I knew that there were stairs for me to climb. Unfortunately, a pram is a rather large limitation for most flights of stairs and so, I decided that i had to try to get some help with facing my fears. I contacted Gwen Ritchie to chat about my situation and her positivity from the start gave me confidence that I actually may be able to make some life changing differences. I went for 3 sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy where we addressed my fears and Gwen set out to change these for me. On my 3rd session, we went to a local cafe and worked on getting me in their lift. I was astonished that I managed to do this and actually felt really good about being able to do so afterwards!! From there, I went from strength to strength and used a lift as often as I could. I challenged myself to use every lift I came in contact with……and I managed! […]

Are you driving towards your future with your foot on the brake?

Are you driving towards your future with your foot on the brake? Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to attend a course run by the wonderful Dr Brian Roet, a leading Hypnotherapist originally from Australia, who has spent many years helping people in the UK. On this type of course, all the attendees spend some time within the day working with each other and practising ideas and new techniques that we have been learning. For me, something interesting came up during this opportunity…. I realised that I have been driving my life with my foot on the brake! Does this sound familiar to any of you? I realised that all sorts of personal fears are creating resistance to my ability to move forwards. Now, I’m all about helping other people find and live to their best potential, so this kind of revelation was particularly disturbing! So what to do? Well, having an awareness was for me, the first important step as at least now I can begin to address my fears. I’m going to share with you what one of my biggest fears is… The fear of not being good enough. There, I’ve admitted it. That particular fear has prevented me from doing all sorts of things in life. Mostly, from finding my voice and using it to pursue the things I love in life. I have some work to do now to take this new awareness and conquer my fears. I want to take my foot off the brake and enjoy my journey. My question to you is… Are you enjoying the journey? Are you driving with your foot on the brake? What would your life become, if you could let go of your fears too?

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first testing blog :-).. more of a tweet really!