Habits and Compulsions

Habits and Compulsions

We all have habits.

Some of our habits work well for us and keep us healthy or help our day to run smoothly. However, there are other kinds of habits too, habits that aren’t healthy. Habits that end up causing problems for people.

If you are reading this, then the chances are good that you have a not-so-helpful habit! Lots of us have some of these not-so-helpful habits. For example- nail biting, hair pulling/twirling, skin picking, brow over-plucking, fidgeting, nose picking or bad habits with food or alcohol. These habits are usually unconscious and simply telling yourself to stop or trying to use willpower is almost impossible.


Not for having a bad habit, but for admitting to it. Lots of people try to pretend they don’t have a problem, perhaps feeling too ashamed or worried about attracting negative attention.

If you are conscious of the damage you are doing but can’t change the behaviour behind it, then Cognitive Hypnotherapy is here to help. It can help you to change these negative behavioural patterns and support you in making the changes you need to make.

Imagine how wonderful it could feel to have those long nails at last, or the healthy skin, eyebrows or hair you have longed for.

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