What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?



What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

When I first meet someone and they ask what I do for a living, my answer of  “I work as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist” is often met with a look of scepticism and even perhaps the odd raised eyebrow or two!

Most people have an idea of what hypnotherapy involves, which is usually tied into their experience of having seen examples of people being made to dance around like chickens, “look deep into my eyes” or watching swinging watches on TV shows or in stage hypnosis.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be said to be the complete opposite.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is at the cutting edge of modern, science based therapy. It is a flexible, solution focused, therapeutic approach, which can help people address a wide range of different issues.

So breaking it down a bit…


The therapy is ‘Cognitive’- which means that I find out what aspects of your way of thinking and feeling have underpinned the problem that you have – in order to change them.

As we work towards solutions, I will be asking about what you would prefer to experience instead, and then, working together to change perceptions and reactions that are not helping you, and anchoring new ones which will give you the life you want.


The ‘Hypnotherapy’ word lets you know that together we will be acknowledging the part that your unconscious mind plays in the problem.

Research suggests that our unconscious mind drives 90% of our behaviour. That means that most of what we think and do comes from outside of our conscious awareness. This helps explain why many people say that they often find themselves automatically clicking into a particular state of mind where negative thoughts, feelings and habits occur, and no matter how much they consciously try, they haven’t been able to stop this.

Being a Cognitive Hypnotherapist means that my toolbox includes the ability to guide you into an easy and light state of trace, which can enable us to change these automatic responses no matter how deep rooted they may seem, so that you no longer react with old unwanted and outdated patterns of behaviours, thoughts and feelings, but instead, behave, think and feel as you would prefer to.


If you have a few minutes and would like to find out more, please watch the short animation below which explains Cognitive Hypnotherapy really well. It’s narrated by Trevor Silvester, who founded the approach and who trained me at the Quest Institute in London.